Home System of Plumbing

What people think about Home Plumbing is that it is only concerned about the handling of clean and used water. However, there are other segments that compose the entire system of plumbing in every household. Plumbing entails everything inside the home that uses pipes, piping fixtures and tubing.

Home plumbing systems are made up of other subsystems. First is the water supply that provides tap cold and hot water. This is an indoor plumbing part that is utilized for drinking, toilets flushing, showering, bathing, dish-washing, clothes washing, etc. Tap water may be supplied by various sources such as municipal water supply, water wells, water truck delivery, natural bodies and sources of water like creeks, rivers, lakes and rain. Water faucet is the most common water fixture for this subsystem.

The next subsystem involves vents, drains and traps. It is called DWV or the drain-waste-vent system. This subsystem basically removes dirty water and greywater from inside the house and expels the gases created by the sewage. Waste water is produced in the fixtures like sinks, showers and toilets. Then it goes out through the trap. Trap is the dipped section of the pipe which has water content all the time. The importance of the trap is such that it prevents the toxic gas produced by the wastes from returning to the house. Pipes that connect the fixtures to the outdoors compose the plumbing vents. Vents are for relieving the house of gases from the sewer.
Septic system is also another subdivision of the home plumbing system. Its main component is the septic tank. Septic is the environment for the anaerobic bacteria which has developed in the tank then decomposes the discharged wastes inside the tank.

The Drainage subsystem may be artificial or natural method of removing water (from the surface or subsurface). Drainage is especially used by the agricultural sector for the improvement of the agriculture production.
Piping or Fuel Gas Piping is also included in the system of Plumbing. Piping or pipes are useful in conveying fluids, both gas and liquid, to transport it from one point of location to another. The concept of piping is such that fluid is transported efficiently.

Water is one of our essential needs especially for drinking. As water supply travels through the plumbing system, the proper working condition of all plumbing elements must be ensured. Correct maintenance must be provided to the plumbing system. Some of the plumbing systems malfunctioning are:

  • Toilet clogging. Clogging happens when the water in the toilet is slow to drain or there is no drainage at all when the toilet is flushed. Possible causes are build up of wastes or there is a foreign object stuck along the water passage.
  • Bad or Offensive Toilet Odors. A bathroom or toiler and sometimes even the kitchen smells offensively due to improper flow of water in the drainage caused by pipes which have ruptured, whose wax ring is defective or the inadequate amount of water in the bowl.
  • Showers leaks and clogging of shower heads. Water leaking from the shower may be caused by old and worn shower fixture. Clogging may probably be caused by the collected mineral deposits in the shower head.

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